I’m grateful this is their experience because I believe that when you let me into your world for a little while to witness your love and to experience who you are, it’s a sacred, magical moment. I don’t take that lightly.

My goal for your session is that anytime you revisit an image, you’re immediately transported to the moments that matter.

The sights, smells, and sounds of that day come rushing in, and you find yourself with a soft smile and a heart radiating with love and raw emotion.

I’m ready to create the visual record you deserve so you get memories through gorgeous photography that lasts a lifetime. 

There’s a word in Hawaiian culture that describes the experience I strive to provide every individual who steps in front of my lens: Ho’okipa. 

It’s a word that encapsulates hospitality in action. It’s the feeling you get of genuine care, abundance, and authenticity when you visit the islands.

It’s the feeling of family. It’s the feeling I’ve experienced as I’ve been welcomed into this island community. It’s what I hope you’ll experience when your moments are captured from behind the lens.

My clients have described me as kind-hearted, genuine, and fun. (Can you tell I have really sweet clients?) Many of them have become friends.

You deserve to feel confident in every photo.

Because you are beautiful.

A Hawaii photographer who believes in capturing moments that share exactly who you are 


“These are nothing short of incredible! You are so talented to have been able to create such a gorgeous gallery despite being rushed and having to work with a frazzled mama and slightly crabby toddler. I can’t stop looking at these! It was such a pleasure working with you. I hope we are fortunate enough to come back and see you again after baby girl is born!”

What makes my heart beat the hardest as a photographer is capturing love– love that is beautiful and authentic.

Animals hold a special place in my heart. I am passionate about animal rights, being kind to our planet, and all living things.

Believe it or not, I was born and raised in the English countryside.
I am the happiest when I'm surrounded by greenery and  the ocean.
But I do also love the bright lights and bagels of the big city life.

I’ll almost always give you an excited yes to a camping trip– especially when family, good friends, a fire, and wine are involved. I've been taking my little one since she was 6 months old.

My people are really important to me. Spending quality time with them and making memories together fills my cup.

She’s my biggest why behind my business.

My sweet little squish Aarya is one of my favorite adventure buddies, a world-class snuggle bug, and one of my best teachers.

My most important title in life is mama.

Someone asked me recently what I liked about myself the most. It's that I see and feel the magic and everything.
Magic and play are a BIG part of my life!
You can usually find me at the farmer’s market scoring locally grown goodies, on the beach, on an epic hike, or taking an opportunity to simply breathe and just "be” with my little one.

Let's Get Personal

I can’t wait to meet you and hear about what lights YOU up!

My love story goes on because I continuously fall in love with the freedom I get to bring to my clients in every union and capture their beautiful moments. 

As Aarya turned 2, paying my bills was getting harder, and my love for photography started calling me again…

I worked at local hotels taking photos of guests to raise enough money to buy my camera gear and then moved to be in my own business full time… I never looked back! :)


Photography may be my first love. But in 2005, I met the greatest love of my life when my daughter Aarya was born! 

In less than a year, I was a single mum without support, so I made salves and food to sell at farmers’ markets. Whatever I could do while having my baby strapped to me!


After moving to Maui, I again felt the pull to take a break and do something simple (because I tend to throw my all into things I care about) so that I could explore + enjoy Maui to the fullest!

But even then, beauty and photography were a part of my life because I made delicious food in a local coffee shop and worked in an art and photography gallery. I had lots of fun :)


I moved to New York from England and took a complete break from photography to enjoy living in the Big Apple and working in Manhattan. 

I was living out my Carrie Bradshaw-esk Sex In The City life for a year or so until my first love, and photography pulled me back in after only a 1-year break. After that, I couldn’t stay away and started working for a studio for a few years.


I studied photography at college and then worked at a film and disposable camera processing shop (yes, that makes me feel old…haha!) for a month before landing a job at a fun, candid-style portrait studio for a couple of years.


I traveled around the world when I was 18. With my film camera in hand, I realized how much joy + fulfillment I got from capturing people in their lives simply being themselves. 

Capturing their essence at that moment was so life-giving to me.

Age 18

When I was 16 years old, I fell in love with photography.

Age 16

My Timeline:

I’m here to capture the moments big and small on your vacation to Maui.

Are you ready to discover beautiful, candid, natural moments?